About Me

Hannah Entrekin is the owner of The Tell Tail Paw, LLC, which offers private training and counseling for dog owners in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Hannah is committed to enriching the lives of her clients (canine and human) through science and reward-based training methods. All of the training offered through The Tell-Tail Paw is force-free which encourages a more positive and safe environment for your dog. Our goal is to explore all the things that motivate your dog and use those things to encourage learning and good manners. Hannah is currently a student at The Academy for Dog Trainers, led by world-renowned dog trainer Jean Donaldson. The Academy curriculum focuses on all aspects of pet dog training – from puppy socialization to fear and aggression. Hannah’s particular skill and passion is working with puppies and young dogs to encourage positive early socialization, build good manners, and instill confidence. However, all dogs, no matter what age they are, can benefit from this type of training!

In addition to training dogs, Hannah also offers gourmet dog treats through Beckett’s Barkery. She graduated in 2011 from The Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan and has chosen to use her skills as a pastry chef to create delicious treats for your dog!

Hannah is also currently a member of the Pet Professional Guild, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants


Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

  • Intro to Agility
  • Handling Basics
  • Introduction to BAT
  • I Can Do It – Empowered Puppy Raising
  • Shaping
  • Build Your Bond – Relationship Walks
  • Obedience Skillbuilding 1


Animal Behaviour
(University of Melbourne – Certificate of Distinction)


ClickerExpo 2016 (Cincinnati)

Annabel and Beckett

The Tell-Tail Paw wouldn’t be complete without our two canine ambassadors, Annabel and Beckett.


Annabel is a three-year-old Newfoundland. She is sweet and goofy, but also has a mischievous streak. Her favorite activities include rolling around in the dirt, napping, and stealing any biscuits she can find. She is the first dog that Hannah ever trained and currently holds a Canine Good Citizen title. With her calm demeanor, gentle attitude, and soulful expressions, her next step will be to train and qualify as a therapy dog.

Beckett is the newest addition and is a one-year-old Eurasier. He still has the boundless energy of a puppy and always seems to want to be in motion. Hannah is currently working with Beckett on basic competition skills and tricks. He currently holds his Novice Trick Dog title and is halfway to his Intermediate Trick Dog title. They are also training for competition-level Obedience and Rally events. Beckett’s favorite trick is Spin!